Foliations of the 2-torus. Two Reeb components.
Transverse pair of two Reeb components.
Transverse foliations of the 2-torus. Suspension of a hyperbolic diffeomorphism of the circle.
The Reeb foliation.
Some leaves in the half Reeb component VIEW1,
The Reeb component D2xS1(8). Two half Reeb components transverse to the Reeb component.(8)
Four half Reeb components transverse to the Reeb component(8)
The Reeb foliation of S2xS1. The Reeb component.(cyl)
Two half Reeb components.(cyl)
Transverse Reeb foliations of S2xS1(cyl).
The Hopf fibration of S3. Several fibers.
Family of 2-tori.
Inverse Image of Half Great circles.
Inverse Image of Great circles.
The Reeb foliation of S3. Reeb component invariant under the Hopf circle action. (8)
Two half Reeb components.(8)
Transverse Reeb foliations of S3 (8).
The Reeb foliation of S3 VIEW1
Anosov flows
Anosov foliation of T1H2.  A leaf.
Several leaves.
Helical wobble.
Multifoliation of PSL(2;R) The action of PSL(2;R)  on PSL(2;R).
Multifoliation of the universal covering space of PSL(2;R). The action of PSL(2;R) tilde on R3.
Multifoliation of T2xI Leaves
Projectively Anosov flow of T2xI. Flowbox for a projectively Anosov flow of T2xI @
Projectively Anosov flow of T2xI.
Projectively Anosov flow of T2xI.